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Sarah Crotzer

Sarah Crotzer


Sarah Crotzer has been an Oz Club member since 1991. An avid reader of the Famous Forty, she grew up loving to discover fantasy worlds and learning how and why they came to be created. Although she drifted away from Oz for a little while in college, her master's degree work focused on classic children's literature in adaptation, and she maintains a strong interest in the socio-cultural study of early 20th century children's stories. She presented at academic conferences on Ozian graphic novels in 2010, Sherlock Holmes as children's literature in 2011, and secular adaptations of Andersen's "The Snow Queen" in 2013. She returned to the Oz Club fold with a bang in 2016, when she became a contributing editor for the Baum Bugle; her analytical "autopsy" of NBC's Emerald City, "Last Night When We Were Young," was a featured article in the Spring 2017 issue.

She resides just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where she teaches English at Volunteer State Community College. Her continuing blog, BURZEE - where she and her oldest friend, Nick Campbell, read and analyze the entire Oz canon in order - can be found at You can also find them on Facebook at "Burzee: Discovering the Worlds of Oz," and you are encouraged to join in the discussion.

  • Gallatin, TN