The People Involved

Tori Calamito

Tori Calamito


Tori Calamito is a life-long Oz fan and has been collecting Oz memorabilia for 20 years. In 2007, Tori posted a video of her collection on the brand-new platform called YouTube, and accidentally found herself on a brand new Yellow Brick Road! 10 years, 600 subscribers, and 200,000 channel views later, “The Oz Vlog” has helped connect fans and collectors through the wonders of social media.

The ultimate mission of “The Oz Vlog” is to facilitate communication between fans, collectors, and those with a passive interest in the world we all know and love to visit. Tori subscribes to the Ozian philosophy of kindness and acceptance, cherishing our differences, and living as Dorothy lived.

Tori joins Oz, the National Convention as co-host to the Friday night tribute to the many different appearances of Dorothy. She's also agreed to perform on the Friday evening showcase of Oz music.