Help Fund the Fun

To help raise funds for the Club convention and keep the registration fee at $230, we are offering our supporters collectible incentives at a variety of donation levels. Donations to the International Wizard of Oz Club are tax deductible, but most of these items do have retail value and production costs. You'll see the amount you can claim as a deduction at the end of each item's description. Domestic shipping is included; overseas shipments will incur additional shipping costs. 

For donation levels with limited-edition premiums, contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your interest. First to come will be first served, however if the donation intended for the piece isn't received in 72 hours, we will move on to the next donor. We'll note on this page when items sell out.

For the Denslow at the Fair booklet, and the "It's beautiful, isn't it? Just like I knew it would be!" print, please order directly using the Oz Club shopping cart on our registration page (links in descriptions below).

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Oz, the National Convention! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.



Denslow at the Fair booklet ($30 Donation, SOLD OUT)

Denslow at the Fair cover smallThis 16-page booklet reproduces more than 50 illustrations of the World's Columbian Exposition by W.W. Denslow for the Chicago Herald in 1893. This long-lost artwork will be the focus of a presentation at the convention by co-chairman Scott Cummings. This booklet will be printed only for donors and will not otherwise be available for sale. Donors can pick up your copy at the convention or have it shipped to you within 2 weeks after the convention.

$24 tax deductible.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? Just like I knew it would be" print ($35 Donation, 50 available)

worldsfairOZforwebThe splendor of the White City at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair has long been cited as the inspiration of Baum's Emerald City. Joe Shipbaugh celebrates the story in this limited edition 11x17-inch print suitable for framing. Hand signed, numbered and limited to 50 copies, the print ships rolled and is ready to ship now. 

$25 tax deductible.  

DONATE: Order yours here
(Note: If we run low on quantity, we will transition the remaining prints to be limited-item offers.)

Experience preferred seating at the convention ($100 donation, 5 available 2 remaining)

oz logo webFor a $100 donation you and your plus-one will have preferred and reserved seating at both the Friday and Saturday evening programs. Five available.

$100 tax deductible.

DONATE: Be one of the first five to contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"Beautiful Wickedness" canvas print ($250 Donation, 5 available 2 remaining)

KRWWW4FundraiserWebArtist Kurt Raymond captures the spirit of the Wicked Witch of the West from MGM’s Wizard of Oz in this limited-edition 16x20-inch canvas print.  Each will have hand-embellished details and be signed by the artist. Only five are available. This unframed canvas will be shipped rolled; Kurt will enhance each piece only after it's been claimed. 

Expect shipment two weeks after payment is received.  

$150 tax deductible.

DONATE: Be one of the first five to contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Ruby Slipper Magic" shadow box tributes ($500 Donation, 4 available, none remaining)


These 11x18x3 wooden shadow boxes are a glimpse at the magic behind the Ruby Slippers. A detail from the construction blueprint and a piece of sequined fabric set off the jewel of the piece, our Ruby Slipper bow. Only four are available.

To create the replica Ruby Slipper bows for these shadow boxes, costume designer Keith Holman of Holman Harper Design turned to sources he has known since 1989. That year, Ted Turner Enterprises offered him exclusive rights to reproduce the slippers for the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.In exploring his options, he turned to his friend Aurora Duenas, who worked on the MGM set with Gilbert Adrian to bead the original shoes. She explained and demonstrated to him exactly how the original shoes, including those made following variant designs, had been created. Although Holman opted not to create replicas that year, his close friendship and professional relationship with Duenas continued until her death in 2005.   




BowBacksSFor our bow project, Holman purchased beads and jewels custom-made for Ruby Slipper replication from Randy Struthers.  Elizabeth Agazaryan of Elizabeth Designs beaded the bows to fabric on a loom following the MGM tradition. The bows were then sent to Stella Ruata owner of Artistic Handbeading of Hollywood and daughter of Aurora Duenas. Ruata personally stitched the center jewels in place as a tribute to her mother.  From there the bows were taken to shoemaker Pasquale Di Fabrizo to attach the leather backing; the last Ruby Slippers he worked on had arrived by armored truck in 1996 when he repaired the Smithsonian-owned pair included in the traveling show "America's Smithsonian."  


The four bows were individually numbered by Di Fabrizo, pictured here with Keith Holman. (That Ruby Slipper? That was one the Ruby Slipper Award created by Bob Baker in 1976 to present to surviving cast members and their descendants by the Center of Films for Children. Margaret Hamilton accepted the honor, but had Baker keep the trophy, which he eventually gave to Holman. The boxed bow in the foreground is Randy Struther's model.)

$375 tax deductible.  

DONATE: Be one of the first four to contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

"Assembling the Scarecrow" 1903 Wizard of Oz shadow box ($600 Donation, 1 available)

Assembling the ScarecrowThis one-of-kind shadow box based on the 1903 Wizard of Oz Broadway musical extravaganza was created for us by Bill Campbell. Set and character artwork has been hand colored and layered to present a three-dimensional interpretation of an original scene. Ready to ship. 9 3/8 x 11 1/8 x 2 3/8 inches.

$375 tax deductible.  

DONATE: Be the first to contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Wondering how your donation will be spent? Our program includes: 

  • A fantastic Oz collectors' auction to benefit the IWOC;
  • A professional theater company recreating the 1950 Lux Radio Theater of The Wizard of Oz, introduced by John Fricke;
  • Special guest Emma Ridley, Princess Ozma from Disney’s Return to Oz Thursday and Friday evenings; 
  • A "Kansas farm" themed lunch with Nome King activities, crafts and tornadoes - and a Professor Marvel if we can fund it;
  • The premiere of Anthony Whitaker's new play Scraps
  • An afternoon of animated Oz films with demonstrations and speakers including Rankin Bass historian Rick Goldschmidt; 
  • A Friday fashion show of famous Dorothy costumes replicas; 
  • A dozen presenters with topics ranging from "Jewels in Oz" and recorded interviews with the cast of NBC's "Emerald City," to Chicago's many Oz connections (see the People section of our website for details); 
  • Tickets to the Midwest Oz Fest in nearby Tinley Park; 
  • An evening of live musical performances under the stars of a rooftop stage (see our Get Involved section to sing or play on the program); 
  • Sunday's private wrap party in Hyde Park with outgoing IWOC President Carrie Hedges.
  • A Thursday night Taste of Chicago VIP party at the home of Oz collector Walter Krueger;
  • An expert's research into the Selig Polyscope Company inlcuding a screening of the 1910 silent film of The Wizard of Oz with live musical accompaniment.