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Volunteer to help with the convention

An Oz convention involves a lot of work, and we welcome general help from you during the weekend. If you'd like to offer your assistance, please fill out this form:

In addition to the general help every Oz convention needs, this year we have several high-profile opportunities for volunteers: 


Musical talent? The Oz Club footlights are waiting for you!

The Joliet Historical Society Museum has offered us their marvelous museum at no cost if they can sell tickets to our evening event. Win/win! Our costs drop and we introduce more people to Oz! Our Friday program and small weekend displays at the Museum will focus on animated Oz and the music of Oz. Let’s bring that music to life on stage!

If you’re ready to sing under the stars as part of the Oz program, contact Karen Diket (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You’ll be asked to provide a recording of yourself and to suggest what song you’d like to perform. Expect to work with her on our collective set list; the program should cover highlights in Oz history without repeating too many favorites.     


Volunteer at Tinley Park’s Midwest Oz Festival to showcase the IWOC

The Midwest Oz Festival in nearby Tinley Park rescheduled their third annual event to share our weekend and give more Oz fans reason to attend. They invite us to make presentations, judge contests, lead kids in a craft project, perform, tell stories—whatever we’d like—to showcase our Club at their festival.  This is an outdoor venue inside a tent they have designated just for us. There will be a stage and audience seating although programming that doesn’t require audio visual support would be most helpful. If you’re interested in helping for one hour on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, please contact Jane Albright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 816.753.2674

The festival’s own website is


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